3 Tips in Providing Proper Palliative Care

Palliative care is personalized, medical and non-medical care that is provided with the goal of maximizing a patient’s quality of life. It is usually done through a series of organized, well-crafted treatment and care plans that focuses on providing pain and symptom relief, and mental and emotional support to patients diagnosed with a life-limiting illnesses. A palliative care team, then, attends to the physical, emotional, social, and even spiritual needs of the patient and its family.

In the face of a debilitating disease, your loved one will need all the care and support they can get. When in the Lone Star State, aside from employing the services of a palliative care team to provide hospice palliative care in Humble, Texas, making the right preparations is essential to giving your loved one the quality of life they deserve at home.

  1. Have All the Proper Equipment Needed
    Having the right equipment at home is very important in maintaining the health and care plans created by the palliative care team. To achieve this, you should talk to the medical team in order to determine what equipment is recommended for ultimate comfort. Patient lifts, ventilators, oxygen therapy equipment, and wheelchairs are just among the many at-home medical equipment that should be considered.
  2. Create an Easy and Convenient Living Space
    Furniture and appliances in and around the house must be arranged in a way that would provide a lot of space, and an easy, convenient environment for your loved one. Placing walkers, wheelchairs, canes, and other mobility-assisting devices within reach of the bed would allow the patient to feel secure and with a greater sense of control. The bed must also be placed in an area that is comfortable for the patient.
  3. Keep Stock of Plenty of Fluids and Soft Foods
    Besides following the diet plan as provided by a physician and the medical team, you should also have a ready stock of different kinds of fluids and soft foods for your ailing loved one. Fresh fruit juices, high-fiber milk, and gelatin are good for one’s digestive system and are also easy and delicious to consume. During times when your loved one is unable to eat a meal in the diet plan, these fluids and soft foods will help in providing nourishment.

Providing the right palliative care is not only about pain management and physical care and assistance. More importantly, your ailing loved ones need emotional support from their families and the people around them.

Devinity Hospice aims to help you and your loved ones cope with life-limiting disease and the physical and emotional stress it brings—not only to the patient but to the entire family—by providing quality palliative and hospice care in Texas. Our patient-centered care plan is personalized according to the patient’s needs and aims to provide you with the relief and support you need during difficult times.

You can trust our services to be done with a heart and are affordable in order to meet your needs. We also accept major insurances, such as Medicare.