Hospice is often a taboo topic to be talked about by families. The big reason for this treatment is probably because of the hoaxes flying around. The baseless claims tend to convince family members and friends that hospice is a horrible idea and it is not a practical thing to do.

Take it from Devinity Hospice, “Hospice is not bad for your loved ones”. On the contrary, the said program is developed specially to grant relief both for them and the rest of their family. It is a proactive method to help everybody cope and become stronger together.

We have been delivering Hospice Care in Humble, Texas for many years now and we have heard tons of crazy rumors about it. Here are some myths about hospice:

  1. Hospice is about despair.
    No, hospice is never about giving up on your loved ones. It is more of “accepting” their situation. There are certain factors to be considered before hospice can be made available to certain patients. Ultimately, hospice is about hope and healing. Not only for the ailing patient, but also for those who love them.
  2. Hospice is a medical facility.
    This is one of the easiest misconceptions. Hospice is a program, not a place or a concrete entity. It can be done anywhere, including the patient’s residence. What hospice seeks is to deliver convenience.
  3. Family members will no longer be allowed to participate. While hospice is heavily administered by professionals, it is false to say that other relatives are already restricted to see the patients. They can still do so. In fact, it is encouraged. Companionship is vital to keep the patients at peace.
  4. The poor cannot access hospice care.
    Contrary to that claim, hospice is open to people of all status. It is mostly covered by both government and private health insurances. Plus, different modes of payment are present as well. Family members are given the opportunity to adjust while the needs of their loved ones are being addressed to.
  5. Hospice is solely for the patients.
    Upon searching for different definitions of hospice, it can be generalized that there are two beneficiaries: the patients and the surrounding family. Support features like mental, emotional, psychological, and spiritual assistance can be made available.
  6. Hospice can hardly be customized.
    Others even say that hospice is decided by the attending physicians. In truth, hospice care is entirely dependent upon the relatives’ preference. They may control how long the care will go on and all the other attached side services.

Indeed, hospice is a special and sensitive activity. It cannot be done just by anybody else. If you wish to have someone professional to render Hospice and Palliative Care in Texas for your sick loved ones, Devinity Hospice is just one tap away! We will make sure that everything in our arsenal will be utilized to better their remaining days.

We will be your shoulder to lean on. We are here for you!