When a person thinks about hospice care, they think it’s the end of the path they started on. We sometimes draw a deep, shuddering breath whenever we hear it. But are we really afraid of it? Or, is it that our fears are misplaced? You see, we are not afraid of being in hospice care. In fact, it provides exceptional treatment care because it not only focuses on treating the disease; it also treats the person on a personal level. If it’s that wonderful of a healthcare plan, then it would be quite ludicrous to be fearful of it. But most of us are and it’s because of a very different reason—death.

But just because a person is in hospice care doesn’t mean that they’re going to die within the next few months. It’s just that given their current health condition, death becomes a possibility. Let’s face it, we don’t want to die. Not yet. Not when we still have horizons to pursue. Not when we haven’t seen our kids and grandkids make a name for themselves. Not when we haven’t done every single thing in every single location in the world. Not when we haven’t made our mark in the world. And this is why we spend a lot of time and resources to ensure that we get to live a long life. We exercise, we say no to unhealthy food, and we make sure that we are up-to-date with vaccinations and whatnot. But to what end? We do it all to prevent death from setting foot on our front porch. We try to stop something that brings life into full circle.

But you see, something isn’t beautiful because it lasts. The beauty of life isn’t measured by days, months, or years. It’s how we live through the years. Let us, therefore, not be afraid of death, but be afraid of not having lived. We shouldn’t let it rob us of our joy but instead allow it to motivate us to do everything that we’ve always been passionate about. Sing regardless if you’re off key. Dance as if nobody can see you. Love as if your heart can’t be broken. Life doesn’t begin when we’re 40 and most certainly when we’re in our 60s. It begins at the end of our comfort zones.

As we wake up each day, let us remember to not just make a living, but to create a life. So that at the end of the day, when all is said and done, we can close our eyes and say with all our hearts, “Today was a good day.”

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