Conquering One’s Fear of The End

Not much is said about the afterlife. Only religion, speculations, and fictional stories give us an idea of what the afterlife is like. It’s frightening to go to a place we know nothing about, especially if it’s in the afterlife. That is why most humans fear of departing this physical world. Some people deny their fear of “The End”, but it becomes more obvious when the time finally comes or when a doctor tells you that you have a limit in living already. How can a terminally ill patient get rid of his/her fear of “The End”?


Terminally ill patients take time in absorbing their doctor’s message. You might think that there must be a chance – the doctor just couldn’t find it. But when you try to get another doctor’s opinion, the message is just the same. The limit is set for your life. When this happens, you have no other choice but to accept it.

What matters is “now”

The reason why you fear the end of your life is that you still want to do a lot of things in life. You might think that “The End” is painful and it will come to you like a thief in the night. However, you shouldn’t fear your life’s last chapter. In fact, you should take your doctor’s message as an advantage over anyone else. At least you know you still have the chance to make things right in your life before it’s over. At least you know you have enough time to do the things you love and to be with the people you love the most. What matters the most now is how you’re going to live and fulfill your life while you’re still breathing. It’s never too late to make a difference and to live in the moment. If you want to leave this world without fear or pain, live life happily today.

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