Dealing with one’s passing is a process. It can be short for some and it can be a lifetime for others. Because we have been administering Hospice and Palliative Care in Texas, we have learned a lot from our patients and their family members.

  • Not everyone deals with death the same way.

    Even if two people lost a person who is equally close to their hearts, both persons deal with their loved one’s passing differently. When you are grieving, you compare your feelings with one another in order to determine if you are not just overreacting and so that you can set a time when you can stop.

    But know that no two people are the same when dealing with these winter seasons. It is your personal journey. Do not compare it with others or set a standard. Never second-guess your actions, emotions, and thoughts.

  • Talking at the right time and with the right person can be helpful.

    Although we may appreciate the condolences sent to us by our colleagues, friends, and relatives, there is a sting reminding us of the unfortunate event that shook our life. Because of that, we cannot blame you if you want to seclude yourself.

    But it does help if you talk with people regarding your feelings right now. As we make Hospice Care in Humble Texas possible, we help clients voice their feelings out. We encourage them to open themselves up at the right time and with the right person so that they can start their healing process.

  • It is perfectly fine to be vulnerable.

    When somebody passes away, we often console the grieving family members and loved ones by telling them to stop crying and be strong for the sake of the family. But you know what; it is okay to cry and be vulnerable.

    If you only keep your emotions locked up inside you, you will eventually break down and it will take a toll on your body and emotion. When you close yourself off, you will feel alone.

  • Accepting other people’s love.

    Reconnecting with friends is one step to move on from your loss. Tell them how you feel. Let them console you. Do not reject their presence by shutting yourself out from the world.

    You have wonderful people in your life who are willing to be there for you, who listen to you no matter what state you are in. Never take these people for granted.

Nobody is expected to be perfect when coping with the loss of their beloved. Open yourself up to people who love you. Surround yourself with positivity. And lastly, get the help you needed.

Devinity Hospice provides Palliative Care in Texas. We help patients and their family members deal with the changes in their lives from caring for a loved one who is at the end of their life to moving forward in life without their beloved.