Dementia Care: Convincing a Senior to Bathe

Hygiene issues are surprisingly common among the elderly. Bathing, for one, is a constant struggle for many caregivers especially for seniors with Alzheimer’s disease or other related forms of cognitive impairments.

So, what can you do when a loved one with dementia refuses to shower? Here are four tips from Devinity Hospice, the expert in Hospice Comfort Care in Humble, Texas.

  • Establish a daily routine.

    A predictable daily routine is important for seniors living with dementia. This reduces their overall stress and anxiety and they will more likely bathe without resistance.

  • Frame the activity positively.

    The way we talk about bathing and maintaining good hygiene can be very influential. Do not argue with them on how many days it’s been since their last shower or how dirty their clothes are instead, frame the activity positively. Hospice Care usually focuses on positive and fun activities.

  • Make the bathroom warm and comfortable.

    Seniors often do not like to bathe because all they remember is being cold and shivering. Make sure that 5-10 minutes before they enter the bathroom, you’ve turned on the space heater to make it nice and warm. After bathing, it helps to immediately wrap them in two large, dry towels.

  • Use the right bathing aids.

    Investing in the right senior bathing aid and products can be a game-changer. Install a hand-held shower head instead of a regular one so you can control when and where the water touches them.

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