Hospice Care: What to Remember When Caring for Senior Loved Ones

In the winter of a person’s lifetime, Hospice and Palliative Care in Texas will be crucial in ensuring comfort for the patient. At this point, curing the disease may not already be feasible. Instead, giving utmost comfort to the patient is the main goal.

As family members, you would want your loved ones to feel maximum comfort at this difficult time. Here are things that you should remember when taking care of them:

  1. Consult the care provider.
    Providers of Hospice Care in Humble Texas often have certain directions to family members about how to properly care for patients. Talk to the care team about your concerns. Ask questions. Make sure that you know how to handle the situation involving your loved ones.
  2. Help them maintain good personal hygiene.
    Good personal hygiene is a must, no matter the age. If your loved ones still have enough strength to brush their own teeth or take a bath, remind them to do so. If not, be ready to give enough assistance, so
  3. Don’t forget their nutrition.
    Hospice patients often have special dietary needs. You should make sure that they are getting enough nutrition that can help in the functioning of their body systems. Talk with a doctor or a dietitian about the foods that your loved ones can eat when they are in Palliative Care in Texas.
    Think variety. As much as possible, avoid serving them the exact same meal every meal time. This will most likely end up with them not eating it.
  4. Talk to them.
    As a certain disease progresses, various physical changes can be inevitable. At times, hospice patients may lose the ability to speak or respond to you. But, they can still hear you. So, you should keep on talking to them, letting them know what
  5. Respect them.
    Help them preserve their dignity. For instance, if you are changing their clothes to the point where they can be naked for a time, make sure that you cover them with a towel or blanket. This is especially important when other people are around.
    Devinity Hospice provides hospice care services to help both patients and their loved ones get through the difficulty and uncertainty they are facing. Give us a call today, so we can discuss which services you or your loved ones may need.