At least once in our life, we will surely come to a time when we know of someone under hospice care. If that someone is our loved one, it is inevitable that we visit them every now and then to show our love and care.

However, not all people know how to act or speak when they are visiting. Especially if this is your first time visiting, you might be apprehensive about what to say or do. You don’t want to hurt the patient’s feelings, after all. If this is your first time visiting someone on Palliative Care in Texas, here are some great tips to help you be a good visitor.

  • CALL AHEADBefore you visit the patient, you should call ahead and ask what time is convenient for them to receive guests. Don’t forget to ask what kind of food or gift would be appropriate to bring. If you already have some fruits in mind, ask if it is okay to bring them.
  • GREET UPON ARRIVALUpon arriving, you should not hesitate to greet your loved one as you usually do. If you have always given a kiss, a big hug or a handshake when you two meet, then do the same during your visit.
  • SITDon’t just stand around. You should take a seat and be at an eye level with the patient. Of course, don’t forget to make eye contact.
  • TALK TO THEMSomeone on Hospice Care in Humble Texas may be sick or may turn away from you. They may even be unresponsive. Don’t be anxious about that. Be patient and talk to them about the little things such as your other family members wishing the patient to be well, shared memories or even the weather.
  • LET THE PATIENT TALKWhen the patient wants to talk, you should listen to what they have to say. You should let them talk of their grief, anger, sadness or fears. Allow them to let the conversation go to whichever direction they want it to take.
  • VISIT OFTENIf you can, you should visit your loved one more than once. If you can’t, you can let them know of your presence in more ways than one. For example, you can send them a text, an email, a chat message or even a video call. They will appreciate the gesture.
  • NEVER PROMISE TO VISIT IF YOU CAN’TDue to a surge of emotion, you may promise to visit your loved one again even when you aren’t really sure you can do so. Before you do that, you should keep yourself in check. Don’t promise your loved one that you’ll visit if you can’t do so.

Many other gestures can be done for your loved one under hospice care. Make sure you make them feel you care and that you love them. If you need more tips on how you should treat your loved one, Devinity Hospice can help you. Just give us a call at 281-570-4072.