How to Ensure Your Loved One’s Dignity during Hospice

Is your loved one receiving hospice care? It can be difficult for them to be independent at this point, considering that the care involved here is focused on managing their symptoms and caring for them so they can live their best quality of life possible.

Fortunately, there are ways to ensure their dignity when receiving hospice care. That is why as a provider of hospice comfort care in Humble, Texas, at Devinity Hospice, we are listing down the ways that you can do so.

Begin by looking into the different areas of their life as they receive end-of-life care and see how you can improve their situation in each of them.

  • Emotional

    Make sure that their emotional needs are being met—can they freely communicate with their care team without fear of being told ‘no’ or being pitied upon? See to it that they are also involved with the decision-making process in all areas of their care.

  • Physical

    Ensure they feel safe and comfortable in their chosen environment as they receive palliative comfort in Texas. Also, make sure that potentially sensitive areas of care such as management of pain, constipation, respiratory secretions as well as their bathing and grooming needs are always completed with respect.

  • Spiritual

    See to it that they understand exactly what is going on. Remember, more than anyone else, your loved ones deserve to know the truth about their condition. Their beliefs must also be treated with the utmost respect. Make sure that their requests are not dismissed or deemed ‘impractical.’