Meet the Members of the Hospice Care Team

Hospice care is not like any other type of health care. It is specially designed for people who are nearing the final phase of a terminal illness. This is not about seeking a cure. Rather, the main goal of this is to provide supportive care that will ensure comfort and elevate the quality of life of patients.

It takes a team to take care of a person who is already in the twilight phase of his/her life. Finding comfort in this state of life may not be easy, but, with the right team, this shouldn’t be too challenging.

A team who delivers hospice palliative care in Texas, and other areas usually consists of the following:

  • Registered nurse
    All patients require skilled care services. For hospice patients, pain management is especially helpful for their situation.
  • Physician
    Other than the primary patient’s primary physician, there is also a hospice care physician who focuses on the patient’s terminal illness.
  • Social worker
    Hospice patients feel anxious at times. Social workers help them address their various emotional needs.
  • Bereavement coordinator
    The end-of-life process is a heart-breaking reality. To help families cope, the bereavement coordinator conducts grief counseling.

Although hospice care is commonly called end-of-life care, it shouldn’t dwell with the death of a loved one. Rather, it should be about cherishing the last moments with them while ensuring that they feel in their most comfortable disposition as much as possible.

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