Whether you have a family member or a friend receiving Palliative Care in Texas, the situation definitely poses a challenge. Most people would postpone visiting the hospice patients as they don’t know how to act around them. This can have a negative impact on your loved ones. They need your support, but you are not there.

Your presence is important to them. If you are confused on what you should do when visiting, here are tips you can use:

  1. Empathize.
    What would you do if you are the one receiving Hospice Care in Humble Texas and no one visits you? Get in their shoes and do what you would want other people to do in this situation.
  2. Inform them of your visit.
    If you are not a family member, it is basic courtesy to call beforehand to let them know about your visit. There are times when hospice patients may not be well enough to receive and entertain visitors. Calling them beforehand will obviously perk the patient up as well as help family members present to prepare for your visit.
  3. Ask what you can bring.
    It has been an unspoken tradition to bring something when visiting someone. But in the case of hospice patients, you have to be extra careful on what you will bring. Some may be allergic to flowers or you might bring food that are restricted to them. When you call, ask what you can bring for them.
  4. Listen.Conversations should focus more on what your loved ones are going through. The situation is about them. Let them tell you what they want to say. You are there to listen and offer more than physical support.

    If your loved ones want to talk about something, listen to them. If the room becomes quiet after greetings, then so be it. As much as possible, do not force conversations.

  5. Ask what you can do for them.
    From time to time, they may need assistance with either turning over, sitting down, or standing up. Ask them about what you can do to help. You can give them a helping hand, bring over a meal and more.
  6. Spend more time with them.
    If possible, stay at least 15 minutes with your loved ones. They value your presence, and it would mean a lot to them if you will stay longer.

At Devinity Hospice, we know how our clients feel in every aspect of their lives. We wish to help in this difficult time by offering Hospice and Palliative Care in Texas. For your inquiries, you can always reach us online or call 281-570-4072.