Getting hospice palliative care in Humble, Texas becomes paramount when the patient is already pronounced as having at most six months to live. While it’s not a permanent closure sentence, getting hospice care is an opportunity for loved ones to give more time to be with their patient while hospice care professionals help manage the symptoms.

As you consider getting hospice care, there are crucial stages that you have to undergo. These are not necessarily chronological, but they have to be faced regardless of your emotional state. However, our staff providing hospice care in Texas will also be there to ensure that these stages are undergone with as much compassion and sympathy as possible.

  • Choosing for end-of-life care
    While this may be an excruciating decision to make, we believe that when patients are able to make decisions for this aspect, they are given control of their situation for as long as they can. Along with that, their family members will also clearly know what to do when the inevitable passing comes. Hospice care providers will be there to assist you and your loved one in making this important decision so that you will be able to focus more on spending quality time with them as long as possible.
  • Getting spiritual care
    The prospect of the end of life can be a spiritual journey for the patient. Whether the patient believes in God or in a higher power, the sense of the unknown can grip their heart in fear. Hospice care professionals involve spiritual leaders and counselors who can help address these deep issues to help your loved one have a better understanding and acceptance of the incoming permanent darkness.
  • Getting hospice care at home
    Patients who are receiving hospice care are not necessarily bed-bound. There are some of them who can still perform their activities of daily living. When hospice care is provided at home, our team can empower your loved one in accomplishing these tasks in the most comfortable way possible. Along with that, we will also be there to make their daily living very manageable with volunteers to help out with chores and other errands.
  • Receiving bereavement support
    While not all patients receiving hospice care transition to the after-life, many of them do. Hospice care providers will also extend bereavement support to surviving family members. As part of the inner circle who have witnessed the last moments of the patient, hospice care providers can journey with the family into passing through grief. We believe that grief is a moment that every person should embrace and stay in until they’re ready to accept what truly happened.

Here at Devinity Hospice, we sincerely recognize that journeying with our loved one in their remaining hours can be emotionally turbulent. However, with the presence of compassionate hospice care providers, these moments can be converted into memories of love, spending more time with your ailing beloved. When it’s your time to need hospice care, we’re just here.