Hospice care is also called ‘end-of-life care’. It is a special program that is composed of a team of healthcare professionals who provide spiritual, medical, and psychological support to individuals who are chronically or terminally ill. This program aims to provide comfort and pain management to patients. Also, hospice care programs seek to provide services to the patient’s family.

In the United States, there are about 4,000 hospice care agencies and 1.3 million hospice patients. To determine if you are in need of hospice care, the following are the signs you need to look for:


  1. Loss of function. As for the elderly, losing their ability to move is one of the toughest challenges in their life. They find it difficult to perform their daily routine like bathing, dressing, and eating. One of the reasons for their decrease in mobility is due to their severe health condition such as stroke, cancer, or Alzheimer’s disease. However, your loved one does not have to suffer from their loss of function because with the help of a caregiver in a hospice care they will be able to do their daily activities without difficulty.
  2. Severe pain. It is heartbreaking to see your loved one cry out of pain because of their serious health condition. Nevertheless, you can ease the pain of your loved one and feel relieved when you call a hospice care agency. With a hospice care program, experts will be able to attend and address your loved one’s pain. Healthcare professionals will be able to determine the proper medications for your loved one. With the new therapies, techniques, and conventional medications present in a hospice care, the experts can identify the best ways to administer the condition of your loved one.
  3. Numbered months to live. Male or female of any age is both eligible for hospice when they are certified by a physician as having counted months to live. Most individuals enter into hospice with a life expectancy that may be six months or less. A hospice care aims to make the final stages of your loved one’s life as comfortable and easy as possible through medical, psychological, and spiritual support.

Does your loved exhibit the above-mentioned signs? Then it is best to call a hospice care agency. Make the remaining days of your loved one’s life worthwhile by choosing the top-notch provider of Hospice and Palliative Care in Texas. Contact Devinity Hospice at 281-570-4072 or email us at devinity@devinityhospice.com for the highest-quality Hospice Care in Humble Texas. Learn why more and more families in the community trust us.