A terminal illness is heartbreaking for both patients and their families. It is important to decide the treatment options, who will take care and help the patient leave the world with dignity. However, making decisions become harder as the disease progresses which also indicates that the patients’ end-of-life is approaching. While family members want the best type of care for a terminally-ill loved one, it is important to be aware of the signs it is time to consider hospice care. These include the following:

  • Incurable Condition
    People with a serious illness can qualify for hospice if they have less than 6 months to live. Their doctor should recommend no further treatment for their disease. In case a patient lives beyond 6 months following admission, they can continue to get services as long as a doctor documents their eligibility.
  • Declined Abilities
    As life comes to an end, people with a terminal illness won’t be able to do the things they used to do with ease. For instance, they may feel so tired that moving from a room to the next without support is not possible. Some patients may also experience mental decline and confusion. As a provider of hospice and Palliative Care in Texas, we have competent and compassionate staff who will give maximum support to patients.
  • Unbearable Pain
    For a lot of patients with a terminal illness, chronic pain is a common predicament. Our effective hospice plan includes administering medications to pain management. We make the transition from life to the end-of-life as comfortable as possible. We develop individual care plans for easing emotional and physical pain and meeting spiritual needs when desired. Our Hospice Care in Humble Texas includes finding new therapies, new methods and new uses for traditional medicines.
  • Appetite Loss
    Terminally-ill patients whose end of life is nearing will lose their interest in food and water. But, the loss of essential nutrients will make their health even worse. Hospice can administer food intravenously in order to support the basic nutritional needs of patients.
  • Frequent Infections
    As a terminal illness progresses, bodily functions tend to slow down leaving patients unable to combat infections. A lot of infections can make bodily organs dysfunction and even make breathing difficult. Luckily, hospice creates an effective plan that includes easing the symptoms of a terminal illness.

A call to hospice means that care is focused on offering end-of-life care, support, and compassion to patients. Although patients and their families may find it sad to make the transition, our professional hospice personnel can assist to ensure comfort in the process.

Devinity Hospice , a provider of Hospice and Palliative Care in Texas, works hard to meet the needs of our patients and their families without limitations. We can offer regular home visits and continuous care, depending on what is required. For inquiries, please call 281-570-4072.