Nearing the end of life, you and your family members stare blankly at each other not knowing what to feel. It is an emotional time. There are issues that needed to be addressed, but it is so difficult to talk about these knowing your present predicament.

However, you need to come to terms with these foreign emotions in order to cope with the events that are currently happening. As you experience Hospice Care in Humble Texas, we know most of you are feeling:

  • Fearful

    Death strikes fear even to the bravest man. We do not know what will happen to us afterward; simply thinking about death makes us anxious. But you know what, the fear you are feeling right now has a source.

    Go and investigate that source. Figure out what you fear so you can face it and, therefore, manage it. It can bring peace to you, your loved ones, and your caretakers. Lastly, it gives you a chance to deal with your fears in new ways.

  • Angry

    It is hard to identify this emotion underneath all the other emotions you are feeling near the end of your life. Only a few people are ready to pass away. It can be hard and unfair. Why does it have to be you? Why is the world so cruel?

    You have the right to be mad. But you should not direct your anger to other people, especially to the ones you love. Try channeling this negative emotion to make necessary actions. Use it to help solve problems, to meet your needs, or to be assertive.

  • Guilty and regretful

    As you receive Palliative Care in Texas, we understand why you are feeling this guilt and regret. You are guilty because you have been a burden to people, especially your family. Had there been something that can be done differently, we know you’d do it without second thoughts.

    Feeling guilty and regretful can be draining on your part including your loved ones. What good can happen if you continue holding on to this negative feeling? Will it improve your relationship with your family members? Will it remove the burden they are carrying? Will it make you live longer? No. You’ll only feel bad.

  • Sorrowful

    It is normal to feel grief when you are approaching your time. You no longer look forward to an endless future. You can no longer do the things you once did. Rise above this feeling for your sake and for your loved ones as well.

    Talk to someone you trust regarding this feeling. Let them help you process it so that it can no longer weigh you down.

Devinity Hospice is a provider of Hospice and Palliative Care in Texas. We seek to help patients to face the emotions they are feeling near the end of their life. Talk to us so we can help you.